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Bible Trivia?? Checkout: All The
We've assembled 100 bible trivia questions that have been carefully
curated to test your knowledge of the Holy Book. Find out how
knowledgeable you truly are by answering these tricky bible trivia
questions that cover topics from throughout the New and Old Testament.

Protecting Children From Online Drug Dealers

Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl

Risks and Consequences of Drunk Driving

Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Guides at Addiction

Brooks Healing Center - Your Foundation for Lasting Recovery

  Addiction and Dual Diagnosis/PTSD Treatment Center. Get HELP now.. 

Looking for: Disability Accommodations Resource? well here is a Disability Accommodation Letter to Landlord template.

Preventing Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Beneficial Video Games For Seniors

How video games can keep both our minds and bodies healthy in old age

Free grants for veterans in all 50 states and major cities

Have a Restful Sleep without Drugs

Nicotine Addiction and Vaping? Visit: Vape Danger

Quit Smoking Community: Kicking the Habit Together

Addiction Helper: The UK's Leading
Addiction Resource Website

Help for Anyone Affected by Addiction with Advice on Both
NHS & Private Drugs & Alcohol Treatment Options

The Smell of Smoke: A Parent's Guide to Cigarettes, Vaping, and Marijuana

Our website provides detailed information on native american grants that could help low income individuals and families [ two parent and single parent ] with grants and scholarships. Assistance is offered free of cost to eligible families who can offer sufficient documentation to prove financial hardship.

Mesothelioma Guide provides patients and their loved ones with resources, answers, and information over a wide spectrum of free assistance options.

Help for Veterans Struggling with Addiction If you are in Denver, and are a veteran then this offer of help is for you. 

Find a Highly Experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer in Your Area

Get Our FREE Financial Compensation Packet

Find your perfect legal template at FormsPal

Mesothelioma Help now.. exists to empower people with all the resources and tools they need to start or continue on their journey of recovery.

Do you need a Lawyer to assist with you Mesothelioma case? Then check this Resource

Consumer Safety Guide (USA) food, medical devices, drugs etc.

Single woman’s guide to a mortgage-worthy credit profile

Mesothelioma, Asbestos, and the Dangers of Smoking at: 

Mesothelioma Veterans Center, ask for your free guide today..

Need help? We are a diverse team of recovering addicts, healthcare professionals, and patient advocates who can provide our readers with tools and advice to help them regain control of their life. Click here.

Checkout the: Mesothelioma Treatment Community

Mesothelioma Fund

We help patients and families get compensation through asbestos and mesothelioma trust funds.

In the UK? There is a Free 24h advice helpline and website:  

Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones. is an easy to navigate MEGA-SITE of Bible, Christian, church & religious information, sermons & studies.

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Together We Can Make a Difference.

- See more at:

An importan resource, many should be aware of:

Recent Information and Statistics on Defective Drugs & Medical Devices

Rehab Spot is here to help family members of those struggling with substance abuse. Click Here.

Click HERE for a list of Grants available to Single Mothers in the USA.

Recall report is a leading online resource containing information on mental health, modern day recalls and FDA alerts and information on harmful drugs and side effects.

Online Christian Colleges:

Online Colleges that Provide Laptops:

Drunk driving facts

9 surprising facts about drunk driving

Addiction Center - Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox

A heavy drinker who stops or cuts back use may experience withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety or seizures.

.Searching for the right Christian College can be difficult. Here is help for prospective students looking for information about a variety of degree programs offerred by Christian Colleges across the USA

The Baptist Page is providing a site for all Christians from a Baptist point of view. They provide information and entertainment for all Christians. Why not pay them a visit?

UK Addiction Treatment Centres

We will help you beat your addiction

The Christian Commerce Mall is designed to assist Christians in locating products and services. You will find 650+ Christian business storefronts in over 100 categories. Remember, we go to great lengths to select the highest quality Christian businesses on the Internet. Tell these Christian businesses you found them at ChristiaNet's Mall

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

You Could try the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia Site.

 Find out what is in the news and what news is happening regarding Christianity from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Click Here Website Services. OurChurch.Com was founded in 1996 with a vision to make it possible for every Christian church to build and create an easy, affordable Christian website.

Download the Bible - Part or All Please visit the AudioTreasure site where you can download the Scriptures in several popular audio formats. Narrated from the World English Bible. Now you can listen to the scriptures on your computer without having to stay online! download the files for free or order all the files on an inexpensive CD-ROM

 Recall Report is a comprehensive online resource for information on mental health and addiction. Our information is for all audiences, including youth, adults and seniors. It spans across all topics, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, suicide, treatment/rehab, abuse and PTSD.

A friend of mine lives with his family in the Islands of Vanuatu. In his spare time he created a facinating Screen Saver called: Electric! See if you can look at it for 30 seconds - Click Here to download

Have you heard of the Martin Luther King, Jr. papers project at Stanford University? Click Here to read the various papers written by this outstanding Christian.

A Christian Start Page with great links to creation, evangelism, news, bibles, forums, chats, testimonies, Jesus, heaven, hell, health, healing, stories, jokes, audio, realplayer, video, love, free email service and search top Christian search engines. Click Me!

Are you searching for a Site providing a place for Christian ministries who CAN'T afford the costs of maintaining a web-presence? You Are?? Well CLICK HERE for LivingSky Ministries, Joshua's Corner Online & Healing Hearts Ministry.

The Christians at the group have anAll For Jesus Website that is a breath of fresh air. Why not pay them a visit ?

For Jesus

Clipart - Backgrounds TITLE=For His Glory - Christian Backgrounds & Graphics DESCRIPTION=It is sometimes hard to find Christian backgrounds for webpages. "For His Glory" was created to supply this need... as well as be a witness to the Glory of God. URL= ************************************************************


Travelling Music Ministry ? CLICK HERE to visit Rod & Destiny's URL

Interested in Reading or Searching the Bible Online? Try the Bible GatewayClick Here

Rev. Abel Aureli and his family are working as missionaies in Italy. Operation Italy Christian Mission, Inc., has been formed for the specific purpose to deliver them the good news of Christ. Why not pay them a Cyber visit and/or pray for their success ?


Interested in Christian Radio ?? Here are just a few links you can follow on the internet..

  2. Massive world wide list of stations!
  3. WBGL FM
  4. WLAB Ft. Wayne, IN
  5. Crosswalk Internet Radio

Bible Broadcasting Network - Click Here!

Did you know that: Mexico is the second least evangelized
country in Latin America. Ministry to young people is vital,
especially since more than 50% of the population is under 20
years of age.

Chacko & Ann Thomas are missionaries in Mexico, why not visit their URL?

Click to Visit!

Friends and Aquaintences:-

Mary Kae Has a great Testimony which is certainly worth viewing

Phil Sheline Pastor's the Church of God of Prophesy in Delhi, CA. Check it out and the many Net Ministry links you can get at through this site.

His Love Shinesis a website with a collection of articles to help in Christian Discovery

Jesus Fellowship/Jesus Army!

Have you tuned into: 97.1 The SonShine Coast station in South Aftrica ??


Christian Leadership Ministries - A Virtual University with resources for life and ministry. (The faculty ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International)

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