HOW TO ...

1. Read about it

This Gospel is part of God's "Instruction Manual for Human Life" (The Bible). Read this instruction manual to find out how your Maker expects you to work. Read it through quickly to grasp the whole story. Then read it through more slowly in short sections. (see the 25 day reading plan)


2. Ask God about it.

Before you read, ask God to help you understand. If God can make the world, he can certainly turn on the "light" in your mind and heart so that you understand his message.


3. Explore it

Download this Gospel and print it out, if you can. Mark it and underline bits that tell you something new or exciting. Chew things over through the day. If anything in the Gospel puzzles you, ask a minister (if you know one), or email me.


4. Do something

When you read the bible you may find that God is telling you to do something. Ask God to help you take the steps in your life, or make the changes he wants you to make.


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