If you have just said "Yes!" to God, and asked Jesus to take control of your life, this is a significant time for you. To those people who sincerely say "Yes!" to his Son Jesus, God gives his friendship, his forgiveness, and a place in his family - starting here and now, and going on forever. It is a personal and positive link with the living God that not even death can break! But this is just the start of the journey - the adventure of faith. Now you need to travel - in company with God, and with God's people.

Reading the Bible

God will keep on speaking to you in the Bible to lead you further and deeper into the adventure he has planned for you.


Prayer is the other side of the conversation. In the Bible God talks to you, in prayer you talk to him. Tell him when you are pleased or worried, delighted or sad. God wants you to talk to him about everything.

Being together

You are a part of God's family, and he wants you to meet with the other members of his family - so that you can care for and support each other. Make contact through a church or a group of Bible-using Christians.


God wants you to show that you have truly said "Yes!" by following Jesus' example of obedience and selfless service. Other people will see how good this news is by the difference it makes in your life!

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