A Greek word meaning "the Chosen One" and used to translate the Hebrew word "Messiah." It is used in the New Testament both as a title and a name for Jesus.


Someone who was a follower of Jesus and learnt from him.


A Hebrew word meaning "the Chosen One." See "Christ."


A large group of Jews who thought they could best serve God by strictly obeying the laws of the Old Testament as well as their own teachings.


Someone who speaks God's message and tells what will happen in the future. To speak as a prophet is thus to "prophesy."


The seventh day of the week when Jews worship and do not work, in obedience to the third commandment


A small and powerful group of Jews who were closely connected with the high priests and who accepted only the first five books of the Old Testament as their Bible. They also did not believe in life after death.


A district between Judea and Galilee. The people of Samaria, called Samaritans, worshipped God differently from the Jews and did not get along with them.

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