George McDonald the Scottish novelist and poet said: "When a man knocks on the door of a brothel he is looking for God." What did he mean? This:- God has placed a thirst for Himself inside of every individual. We satisfy that thirst, fill that hole within us, with other things that temporarily do the job. Sensual satisfaction is one of them. It could be a new or better car, Clothes, Possessions, Alcohol or Drugs. All of them seem like they are just what we need, until shortly after we get them. Then we need something - more.

As you may have already read, when my rehabilitation was almost complete - only then did I realise what was missing in my life: God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Nobody gets to the Father (in heaven), except by Him. All the good turns in the world will not get us to heaven, we must be reconciled to Christ. You know, I heard once that a funeral director observed that Christians handle death in a much better way than non Christians.. He said "I suppose it's because Christians have a hope beyond the grave". That hope that the bible talks about is more than optimism. It's based upon incontrovertible fact - the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jesus not only proclaimed life after death - he demonstrated it. That is what he is offering you today and now is the time. If you found reading any of the material at this site moving, then I suggest what you were feeling was more than human compassion.I venture to suggest it was Jesus knocking on YOUR door.

You know:. God paid for our Salvation through Jesus Christ, who was killed on the cross and who rose again. He is the lamb of God, who is described in John 1:29 by John the Baptist: "Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" As I have said: You are already accepted by Jesus - just as you are - NOW. All you have to do to receive his love is to ask. Ask forgiveness and accept him as your own personal Saviour.

Only God can completely and permanently fill that void inside. If you want to feel whole, feel secure, loved and be at peace - Like the Apostle Paul said "A peace that is beyond all understanding" - then I am here to tell you: that is what Jesus has on offer - NOW.

Why not do it now? This could be your first, second, third.. - (it doesn't matter how many times). Put your pride aside, take the step and accept his free offer to you.

Whether you have had a relationship with Jesus before or not doesn't matter - the prayer to accept Him into your life is identical. Here is an example:-

Jesus, I am sorry, I am a sinner and I ask your forgiveness. I open my heart to you and I ask you to fill me completely. I trust that you have heard my prayer and I am thankful you are true to your word. - Praise you Jesus - Amen.

THAT'S IT! If you just thoughtfully said the above prayer then the angels are singing and you have been Born Again of spirit. (See John 3: 16)

You are now a Christian and being a member of the body of Christ is important. Christians support each other. Find a bible using church and talk with the pastor/reverend/priest there. Explain that you are a new Christian and he/she will help you. If the first church you visit, whatever christian denomination it is, is not acceptable to you, then go to another. - It is important for you to understand, you have not just made a commitment or agreement to become a member of a church, the commitment for new relationship is between you and God. Meeting together with other Christians, worshipping God and supporting each other is important and helpful, but you must remember the most important relationship is personally between you and Jesus. That is why I say: if you are not comfortable in the first or second church you visit, don't feel bad or like you have been deceived. Why not try praying for guidance as to where you should go?

"OK, I said the prayer - but I'm a bit confused!"?? Well, that's ok - I don't always explain things well - try reading: "What do you say"? and or "How to Read John's Gospel".

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