In the year 2000 I was working for my fathers international trading business. I decided I should start doing some exercises or fitness training or similar. I used to be quite fit and although things are now very different, I considered that would be the smart thing to do. However shortly after I began, I started to become quite sore. This was to be expected I told myself, and I continued anyway. Eventually I visited my friendly local GP to at least gain his opinion. Cutting a long story short I was eventually diagnosed with : Ankylosingspondylitis. This is a rare form of illness in which approximately 40% of all males are genetically predisposed to get; but of those who are predisposed, only a very small percentage actually develop symptoms. Why did I develop symptoms? The only answer anyone could suggest to me was: stress. Basically this disease is an aggressive kind rheumatoid arthritis which unfortunately is also accompanied (in my case), by ulcerative colitis.

Not long after this news, problems began to surface between Kaye and myself.

There unfortunately is no cure at this time and the symptoms can only be reduced by the use of medication. Eg. REMICADE® (infliximab), Methotrexate, Prednisolone, Naproxen, Indocid, Salazopyrin, etc..

Sadly our divorce was granted by the courts on 31 Mar 2005.

I still have a good relationship with my children and my son Joshua has decided to come and live with me however, I find it extremely difficult putting in words how much I miss my daughters and what I feel regarding the breakup of my family. You could describe my current relationship with Kaye as remaining friendly/cordial.

In a further attempt to solve this new problem I decided to fully retire and start a program of hydrotherapy. Time will tell regarding it's success.

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